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Sleep Disorders



Orexin regulates sleep.   Orexin disorders cause sleep disorders.    That's for sure.



It dramatically increases levels of REM sleep.  





Hypersomnia is caused by low orexin levels.   Not lack of sleep.  Lack of sleep causes anxiety and insomnia...


Chronic daytime sleepiness is a sign of illness.   An infection or allergy.   Start with gluten.



However, not all sleep disorders are caused by orexin deficiency.

Infection and autoimmune reactions are also known t cause sleep problems.


Direct Infection:



The standard explanation for apnea is that your levator palatini muscle isn't working properly so your soft palate flops around when you sleep.

That's true.   But they don't seem to be interested in why.   They just want to put you on the CPAP gravy train.


The primary cause of apnea is infection.  Viruses and bacteria proliferate in the nose and throat.  Infected tissues become inflamed, infected nerves don't function properly, and breathing is impaired. 


Impaired nasal breathing leads to obligate mouth breathing.

  • Which dries out the tissues.   And leads to increased bacterial growth.  Which leads to more mouth breathing.

  • Impaired breathing also leads to insomnia. 



Mechanical devices-  mouth guards and CPAP, bypass the underlying cause and allow the pathology to progress.





Orexin affects the nerves of the jaws and causes increased muscle tone.   So low levels of orexin should result in slack mouths, not clenching.




I haven't found any evidence, but believe that pathogens cause this too.    I experience at least three types of grinding.  One seems to be viral, and another bacterial.


When my viruses act up in my trigeminal nerve I  jut my lower jaw forward, grind my front teeth, and get a migraine.  Even while awake.


When the bacteria act up in my maxillary nerve I chomp my molars together up and down.   I now believe this was caused by years of orthodontia causing root and jaw problems.


I also had a side to side motion back when I had full sleep attacks.  Maybe that was both.  or gluten.  Can't say.   It was a long time ago, and I was asleep at the time...

Anyhow, I'm pretty sure my vigorous grinding was usually a combination of all three, exacerbated by an almost complete inability to breathe with my mouth closed.  






Restless leg


I get the feeling this is an infectious issue.  It may be viral, possibly in the spinal ganglia or  neuromuscular junctions.   Lately though  I strongly suspect streptococcal autoimmunity, that this is a low level variant of Sydenham's Chorea.  Dopamine shaped antibodies activating the muscle fibers.





Sleep deprivation causes insomnia.   But similar to above, I now believe chronic insomnia is usually a manifestation of streptococcal induced dopamine mimicry.  




REM behavior disorders.  

walking, talking, thrashing,  night terrors


I pretty much put all these together.   This is a messed up transition between waking and sleep.   This is surely caused by orexin depletion combined with dopamine stimulation. .   The increased stress response coupled with rapidly diminishing orexin levels short circuits the sequence of sleep.  You get stuck in an anxiety loop rather than progressing through the sleep stages.    Your muscles want to move, and your brain doesn't stop them.



 All of the above:




This is surely a perfect storm situation.  These people are having an immune crisis.   They're surely suffering from multiple illnesses at the same time.   Food allergies coupled with sugar overdose, some sytemic viruses and then add in something common like strep or mono-  and voila-  they can't wake up.


And when they do, you feed them carbs and gluten.










 Big Fat Disclaimer:  The research on this website has not been peer reviewed in any way.   The conclusions presented are strictly the opinion of the author.  It is being self-published as a public service in consideration for sufferers and as a stimulus to the medical research community.  Information presented on this page may be freely distributed or copied. 

Appropriate credit is requested.

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