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I am convinced that a lot of substance"abuse" is actually self-medication of the symptoms of chronic neurological impairment caused by orexin dysfunction. 


  • The locus coeruleus is a brain structure that plays an important role in drug addiction.

  • The locus coeruleus is regulated by the orexin system.


The reason detox doesn't work is it doesn't address the underlying discomfort.   Quitting drinking doesn't soothe the vagus nerve.   The irritation remains.

Same with cigarettes.   Quitting smoking does nothing to alleviate the underlying cognitive deficits.






Nicotine is a strong nervous system stimulant which counteracts many of the cognitive deficits of orexin depletion.


  • Nicotine increases the phosphorylation of synapsin I

  • Nicotine activates orexin cells, and increases expression of orexin and its receptors.

  • Similar to nicotine, infusions of orexin into the prefrontal cortex significantly improved accuracy under high attentional demand without effects on other performance measures. We show for the first time that orexin can improve attentional processes relevant to executive functions of the prefrontal cortex.


Smoking is highly associated with orexin mediated processes.


  • Women with eating disorders reported higher rates of smoking and greater nicotine dependence than controls. 

  • Physical exercise may help reduce cigarette cravings.


Smoking is highly associated with the affective disorders,


  • Nicotine abstinence reduced latency to rapid eye movement sleep and increased Hamilton Depression scores, suggesting that chronic smokers have depressive symptoms that may be controlled by nicotine administration.  

  • Nicotine-dependent smoking was significantly associated with various substance use disorders, affective disorders and anxiety disorders.

  • Current tobacco use was strongly associated with abuse/dependence upon alcohol, cannabis, and other substances, and with higher rates of anxiety and affective disorders.




 Chantix (varenicline), a drug to help people stop smoking is suspected in various adverse drug event reports of causing a wide spectrum of  injuries, including serious accidents and falls, potentially lethal cardiac rhythm disturbances, severe skin reactions, acute myocardial infarction, seizures, diabetes, psychosis, aggression and suicide.



Smoking Rant





I could go on forever about the medical uses of marijuana.  There are tons of studies showing it has beneficial effects on many of the symptoms I have mentioned:   pain, hunger, depression, etc.  


  • The cannabinoid receptor 1 interacts with orexin.

  • Cannabinoid and orexin systems share a common mechanism in food intake.


(My personal research has shown that marijuana alleviates involuntary crying within minutes.)




Are common, effective therapies for narcolepsy and ADD.  


  • "People with ADHD are at greater risk of taking drugs, not just because they want to get 'high,' but in their case, it may actually make them feel better."

  • Amphetemines increase the phosphorylation of synapsin.


Personally, I believe the meth epidemic is caused by the FDA's insistence on the inavailability of less destructive stimulant options.





Orexin acts as a pain reliever in the body and low levels of orexin increase pain sensitivity.







It seems to me that bread may cause more brain damage than these drugs do.

Think about that...





 Big Fat Disclaimer:  The research on this website has not been peer reviewed in any way.   The conclusions presented are strictly the opinion of the author.  It is being self-published as a public service in consideration for sufferers and as a stimulus to the medical research community.  Information presented on this page may be freely distributed or copied. 

Appropriate credit is requested.

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