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Why Zombies?


Because it's appropriate.   These disorders cause involuntary behavior impairment.   That's the original definition of a zombie.  Haitian zombies are normal people that have been transformed by a poison resulting in their lack of free will.   That's pretty much my hypothesis in a word.


It's intuitive.  And memorable.   It is.  Admit it.


Just to mess with New Scientist magazine who laments the loss of whimsical naming. 


It was more fun.

If I'm going to make assertions that crunchy, delicious bread is a major cause of neurodegeneration and mental disorders, and spend a year obsessing to do it, I might as well enjoy it.  Everyone thinks I'm crazy anyway.  


If I'm going to fight the powers of bread, I'm going to need an extremely potent image.   I'm pretty sure nobody really wants to be a zombie.  It's really quite miserable and annoying.


It's a test.

Most zombies lose their sense of humor.  If you can't deal with the term, you're way too uptight and probably one of us. Read the rest of the site.   It's not a joke.



Why not publish in a journal?


I looked into it.   But I wanted to keep my copyright, have open access, and be indexed.   I couldn't find a neurological journal that offered all three options for a theory paper.  Besides, you pay extra for more references.  I've got hundreds of them and find more articles every day.


Because it's gotten too big for me.    I already have so many tangents going, I'd have to write too many papers.  I love doing the research but agonize over the scientific writing.   It would take me forever if I tried to fill in all the details myself and make sure it's got the right format and tone.  I've been working on this almost a year and it just keeps getting bigger.  I'm way beyond my scholarly and attentional limits now.  It seems like the perfect subject to harness the power of distributed effort.  So many people have contacted me who have relevant expertise that isn't included in my interests or personal skill set.  


Not to mention, all the time I spend on writing in scientific jargon is pretty much wasted.   The people who really need and want to know this information don't read medical journals and would find the formal format and language confusing.


Besides, it makes more sense in HTML.   Being able to link all the networked interactions has been much easier than trying to present the information linearly.


Why target the general population?



Because doctors don't seem to be interested.   I have sent my papers to most of the authors I have cited, quite a few others, and all the major associations.   I am beginning to think there might be some disincentive to inexpensive and effective treatment...

  • Genetic research has shown that as many as 30% of all Americans may be gluten sensitive.
  • Approximately one third of americans are obese.

  • The World Health Organization predicts that major depression will soon be the world´s greatest public health burden.


I believe that the government sanctioned low-fat dietary recommendation, and resulting increased consumption of carbohydrates is the direct cause of the rising obesity, diabetes and depression rates in this country.  I see no indication of them modifying their advice in the face of overwhelming evidence it's making people less healthy.    And the rest of the world is following in our dietary and health footsteps...



Which brings up the primary reason why I'm doing this:


You zombies are everywhere.   And I can see you now.   It's freaking me out.  

I am constantly having to suppress the urge to alert you- everywhere I go in real life and on the internet.   I really need you all to stop eating gluten and get better so I can relax.   Thanks.




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