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So, this is what it comes down to:

This makes more sense to me than anything I've ever read before, and more than everything all my doctors put together ever told me.

But I have serious neurological deficits and massive brain damage.

In libraryspeak- that lessens my authority.


I do have some evidence on my side, however.

I used to be a zombie.   And now I'm not.





No, seriously.   Nobody gets the irony of all this better than me.

I used to teach internet searching classes and had a section on source verification.  I warned my students about crazy people posting weird ideas on the internet.


The reason I am so sure of this is because of my brain damage. My experience is unusual.  Even for a narcoleptic my progression is pretty extreme. (well not so much anymore) I have been exhibiting symptoms all my life.  I was very diligent about eating all the wrong things-  I totally blew out my metabolism.  And the effects are seared into my brain.



Actually, my advanced neurodegeneration confers a certain advantage in this (one) particular situation.  I have inside information.  I'm ultrasensitive.  I know almost immediately what helps and what doesn't.  Not to mention, my drastic symptoms have been pretty motivating.  I'd try almost anything.   


Believe me, I wouldn't have chosen giving up cinnamon rolls.

But that's what gave me my life back.





The Drink Card Theory of Life


When Jeff and I got married we went up to Victoria BC and had a private ceremony in a small hotel.  The photographer served as one of our witnesses and he stayed while we cut our cake and made a toast.  When I asked him if he would like to have a glass of champagne, he said, "No thanks.  I used up my drink card."


And I knew exactly what he meant.    

I had already burnt out by then too.  

All my little squares were punched.


Your drink card is made out of orexin cells. 

So is your cake card.   

Once they are gone, the party's over.


We took some pictures making the toast, had a couple pieces of cake, and then gave the remaining goodies to the hotel staff.  I spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping it off.


Be kind to your orexin cells.

You really will miss them when they're gone.







What I have tried to do here is create a different framework for thinking about already existing data.  It's internally consistent and it parallels my experience, so I think it's valid.    


Don't take my word for it.

Do more research.   

Observe yourself, observe your family.

Try some experiments.

Decide for yourself.





Sincerest Heartfelt Wishes for a rapid and dramatic recovery.






And even if you don't try the diet, Congratulations!

If you got this far, you now know more about Narcolepsy and Orexin than your doctor.

A brain is a terrible thing to waste...





After you have let all this sink in, and you get some rest, if you are so inclined,

 there is now a lot of additional information on my Update Page.




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