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I think about this a lot.   How neurology and my house are similar.

It's way easier to visualize than brain anatomy.



Here's the orexin system of my house:



The box on the left is the inverter for our solar panels.  

The one on the right is a standard electric panel.

We strung new romex cable all over the house.

And used our labelmaker and marked all the wires...

Anyhow, this corner of the basement supplies all the power to everything.  




This is the prefrontal cortex of my house:


It runs the internet, phones, music and tv.  

Occasionally it has problems of it's own, but it definitely doesn't work when the power is off...



The locus coeruleus is a safety switch.   It turns off the lights and arms the alarm system.   Or vice-versa. 

In my house, that's my husband.




Pretty sure the pancreas is a thermostat.  

Still working it out.






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